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Are You Ready to Get Your Money-Making
Course Out of Your Head & Into the World?

Join my 6-week intensive for step-by-step guidance and accountability to quickly get your course done so you can stop trading dollars for hours, work less, earn more and serve your clients better!

You know that many online business owners are cashing in on the profitable power of courses...


but maybe you have NO IDEA how to get your knowledge out of your head and into well organized modules & lessons.

Having your own signature course is your ticket to multiple streams of passive income.

But, creating course content, particularly transformational content that gets results, is one of the most challenging aspects of living the "multiple streams of income" dream. 

Sure, there are a lot of courses, blogs and videos that teach you how to launch an online course. But, very few give the goods on the thing most course creators struggle with...

...creating the actual content you will teach in your course.

Here's why that's a problem...

If You Aren't Confident in Your Course Content You Will Find Yourself...

  • Feeling frustrated because you don't know how to structure your course content.

  • Procrastinating on (or nervous about) pre-selling your course because you feel like it isn't "good enough."

  • Fire hosing your students with too much information, igniting a flood of refund requests from overwhelmed students.

Does this sound a frustratingly familiar?

Listen, you're not alone...there are actually 3 common obstacles keeping aspiring course creators

like you from turning your knowledge into easy to digest lessons that inspire quick wins & testimonials.

  • It's easy to feel all-over-the-place when trying to organize your thoughts around what you will teach...

  • Most course launch programs gloss over structuring your course curriculum leaving you stuck and confused ...

  • Other programs make course content creation feel like you need to have a degree in rocket science to 'get it'...

Listen, I get it! For years I struggled with cashing in on courses...

  • Half done and completed courses sat on my hard-drive because I didn't feel they were good enough to sell.

  • I tried running live courses but, overwhelmed my students with too much information so they never got the results I intended. (which really bummed me out).

But, crushing courses was mission critical for me to master because as a single mom of three, I needed an income stream that didn't require my time.

I knew I could throw something together, and just get as many sales as possible - even if it sucked.

But, I'm not about that "sell and run" life.

I want to be known for creating high quality programs that get students the results they paid for so that they will purchase other programs in the future. 


Crappy courses can make money with the right marketing, but if you want to create a sought after course that changes lives, you need quality content that ensures your students see results.


So, I wasn't about to just throw anything out there to make a few bucks.


I just couldn’t figure out how to translate what I knew into coherent steps for others to follow.


Can you relate? I'm sure you can. And...


...Let's be honest, the joyful anticipation of cashing in on courses fades fast when you get stuck on how to teach what you know.

Fed up with being stuck, I shelled out cash and bought programs to help me figure out how to structure my course. But, I found most of these programs didn't do a great job of explaining how to create your course curriculum...

It was enough to give you a headache. And trust me, if your content gives you a headache creating it, imagine how your students will feel. 

The good news for you is...

I cracked the "online course curriculum" code!


After investing countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to "figure it out," I crafted a simple "fail-proof" formula for extracting the content out of my head and into a course I was proud to market, sell & deliver.

And, now I want to help you do the same.


You Can Take the Guesswork Out of Getting Your Knowledge Out of Your Head and into Easily Digestible Modules & Lessons Your Students will LOVE !


January 20, 27 - February 3, 10, 17, 24

I took everything I learned and created an easy to follow template that simplified structuring your online course content.


And, since I know that even the most detailed templates can leave questions unanswered, I created a video lessons to take the guesswork out of creating transformational content for your signature course so you can pump out high-quality curriculum for your face-to-face and digital programs.

Sweet, right?


Now, creating your course content doesn't have to take weeks or months to complete. My "Quick Course Content Creation Formula" will show you exactly how to create high-quality content for your signature course fast. 


Because of this formula, I can create course content on ANY topic in 1 day, AND record an entire course in a weekend, and I’ll show you how to do that too.


Dr. Kreslyn Kelly-Ellis,


"If you're a Coach creating a course that you can confidently

command high dollar for, you definitely need Kenya's system."

"Kenya helped me take years of 1:1 coaching experience into a signature coaching program complete with pre-taped video classes. Now, when a client can't afford to work with me one-on-one, they can still get valuable guidance they can afford.


I had so much in my head, I thought the course content development would be much harder than it was. I've gotten great feedback on my program! My students love the value and length of the training.


Finally getting my course content created and my program done has made life so much easier for me. I'm so glad I had Kenya's system because could not have created my own online course at this excellent level on my own.


Thank you so much for your mad skills, servants heart, and for being an example of what a true Dream Builder looks like!!" 

The key to creating a good course is that by the end of it, your students are able to be, know and do something the weren't able to before.


Let me walk you step-by-step through my unique process of quickly creating high quality course content that allows you to confidently charge what you're worth, guide your students to results they rave about and empower you to work less, while earning more!

Here’s just a sampling of what I'll walk you through IN DETAIL in this program...

Lesson #1. The ABC's of Creating Your Course Modules & Lessons

  • The W.W.H.N. method for creating a content rich and easy to digest course curriculum - even if you're not a natural teacher. (Once you know this, you can crank out in-demand courses like clockwork).

  • How to differentiate between a "Signature Course" and a "Signature System" so you don't fall into the income-limiting trap of trying to pack too much into one program. (This one little nugget will reveal how to turn your 1-1 services into multiple streams of income).

  • Exactly how long your lessons should be so your time-strapped students don't get discouraged and abandon your course altogether.

  • The 4 elements that make up the anatomy of a well organized course.

Lesson #2. Your Incredibly, Awesome, Very Good Course

  • The key reason EVEN TEACHERS struggle to create online courses.

  • What you must NEVER do or risk ending up with a terrible, no good, very bad course.

  • The ONE key mistake most new & experienced course creators make that will leave you with more refund requests than raving compliments.

  • Jaw-dropping "back-door" benefits to using the W.W.W.H.N. method to structure your course.

  • Common myths and misconceptions that will crash your course creation ambitions before they get off the ground.

  • Why the BIG course creation platforms like (Thinkific and Teachable) still host crappy courses even though they give A Lot of guidance.

Lesson #3. How to Create Your Course Content (Step-by-Step)

  • The 4 elements that make up your students' path to results. This is the BIGGEST hurdle to get over. (If you don't get this right even the ease of this course outline template won't help you).

  • The 4 questions you MUST be able to confidently answer before you start outlining your course.

  • Which lesson you must absolutely start building out first to make sure you and your students are on the same page.

  • Step-by-Step guidance on how to structure and create the curriculum for your course using my Expanded Course Content Creation Template. (I'll walk you through EXACTLY what to put in each lesson of your course to make it engaging and value-able).

  • My favorite hacks for finding inspiration to complete your course outline when you feel stuck.

  • My handy "Topic Validation" and "Topic Selection" worksheets will ensure you don't get stuck in creating your course curriculum.

  • Six of my "make-it-happen" tricks for finding inspiration if you feel a little stuck on what content to add to your outline.

Lesson #4. Delivering Your Course: Tips, Hacks & Next Steps

  • What to expect the first draft of your course outline to look like and why you shouldn't be alarmed.

  • 3 additional value-able (and unbelievable) ways to use the "Quick Course Content Creation" template that will make you so happy!

  • How to use the "Quick Course Content Creation" template to teach live “face-to-face” classes from an outline or deliver your course via pre-recorded and polished scripted video.

  • My favorite hack to cut (long-winded) ramblings into bite-sized lessons that gets your students the result and transformation they paid to experience. (This is great if you're an introvert like me and struggle with losing your thought in mid sentence).

  • The difference between course hosting and course marketplaces and how to choose what's best for you.

Bonus #1. Course Pricing Cheat Sheet

  • At-a-glance cheat sheet empowers you to take the guesswork out of pricing your course. Learn exactly how to price your course based on the result your program provides.

  • Discover how to price your course based on one of the 3 types of problems your course can solve and the 3 ways your course can solve them.

Why You Need It!

  • Resist the temptation to charge a low price for your course out of fear people won't buy.

  • Avoid the urge to overprice your course and miss out on sales.

  • Price your program with fairness & confidence knowing you've charged your worth.

      Bonus #2. The Wonder Twins of Cash Flow Cheat Sheet

      • At-a-glance cheat sheet reveals how to connect your students results to your recurring cashflow.

      Why You Need It!

      • Get clarity on how to package your offers for recurring income.

      • Begin to get a glimpse of how you can set your business up to run with or without you.

      • Take the mystery out of pricing and packaging your offers.

          Bonus #3. The 'Path to CashFlow' Cheat Sheet

          • At-a-glance cheat sheet gives you a quick way to see how much you can earn if you price your course in different ways.

          Why You Need It!

          • Take the guesswork out of what to charge for your course.

          • Believe you can hit your income goals.

          • See how easy it is to hit your income goals and use if for other services and product offers.

              Renee Dabney,

              Content Strategist

              The Write Bud LLC

              "If you're a service provider who wants to help your clients learn how to do what you do-without blowing up their brains, this is how you do it!"

              "I always loved the idea of creating an online course, but as a book editor and ghostwriter, my clients hire me to "do it for them". So, I couldn't see how a course would fit into the work I do.

              Kenya helped me to develop my signature program so I can add more value to my clients while increasing my earning power. Her course content creation process is the simplest and most effective I've seen. My life is busy and I have a very limited number of spots for private clients (which limits my income). Having my own course opens up a world of income opportunities not available to me before."

              Emily Roman,Founder & CEO


              "Mind-blowing clarity!"

              I run a 6-figure marketing agency. I love what I do, but I wanted to diversify my current offerings with signature courses and programs.

              I turned my years of experience as an online service provider into a course. But, I became concerned when I kept getting refund requests due to students being "overwhelmed." When Kenya shared this formula with me, a light bulb came on... I fell silent, my mouth fell open and I could just feel my course magically reorganizing itself in my head - instantly. I now have the clarity to restructure and up-level my content in my courses and expand my business."

              Are You Ready to Create Killer Course Content That Keeps

              Your Students Engaged & Raving About Their Results?

              If you're reading this, you're ready. So let's get you started right now...

              Creating a course that teaches what you want to teach and helps your students learn what they

              paid to learn is the most challenging part of course creation, but it doesn't have to be anymore.

              Yes, Kenya! I'm Ready to Get My Signature Money-Making Course Done!


              January 20, 27 - February 3, 10, 17, 24

              ONLY $497.00

              When I enroll in this 6-Week Quick Course Content Creation Intensive, I'll receive...

              • The Quick Course Content Creation Expanded Outline Template (Printable + Editable Google Doc Version)

              • On Demand Access to "The Quick Course Content Creation Secrets" Video Training & Transcripts

              • Weekly Q&A calls in private Facebook group

              • Bonus #1: Course Pricing Secrets Cheat Sheet

              • Bonus #2: The Wonder Twins of CashFlow Cheat Sheet

              • Bonus #3: Path to CashFlow Cheat Sheet

              And I know I'm protected by your 'Make It Right' guarantee – just let Kenya know before the third week this isn't for you and Kenya will immediately refund your investment.

              Anita KirkmanLife Coach

              Vision In Purpose Coaching

              "Who knew it could be this simple?"

              This system helps to pull your brilliance from out of your head and onto paper. I love to speak, but writing is another talk show. Kenya, has been instrumental in helping me get more of my knowledge on paper.

              These days content is king, and if you want your course to be successful and sought after, you MUST have great content."

              Plus you're protected by my

              'Make It Right' Guarantee...

              I'm confident that you're going to be thrilled with the program. I also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will create courses that will activate more impact and income in your business.

              Due to the the fact that you will have access to my course creation template and video training, I'm unable to offer full refunds. However, if you follow my guidance step by step and you find yourself lost in the process, we will do everything in our power to make it right. And if after our efforts to get you on track, you still feel this isn't for you. We'll be happy to give you a partial refund of your investment.

              So, are you ready to secure your spot or 

              do you have a few more questions?

              Q: Kenya, I know you are focusing on content creation, but does this program help me market my course?


              A: This course focuses exclusively on getting your course content mapped out and created. If you'd like to discuss custom course development options, feel free to book a discovery session with me to explore your options.


              Q: I'm a life coach and like the idea of having a course, but getting my clients deep transformations is important to me. Isn't that something I can only achieve 1:1?


              A: I share your passion for wanting to get your clients deep meaningful results. And yes, the best way get transformation is to work directly with your clients. But, supplementing your coaching with a well crafted course will empower your clients to show up for your private sessions primed and ready to go deeper faster.

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